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Facebook: The story of 500 million friends

The Social Network combines dark humour with a story of greed betrayal obsession and sex. It has been written by Aaron Sorkin (writer of a few good men) and directed by David Fincher (director of Fight Club). It tells the tale of Mark Zuckerberg’s rise to becoming the world’s youngest billionaire and the founding years of the social networking site Facebook. A truly Shakespearean story the movie has been nominated for 8 Oscars including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay. The music score for the movie was done by Trent Reznor and Aticuss Ross.

The Plot

The movie is an adaptation of the book written by Ben Mezrich “ The Accidental Billionaires”. The film jumps between Zuckerberg’s years in Harvard and the two lawsuits he faced post founding of Facebook. The first lawsuit was at the hands of his onetime best friend  Eduardo Saverin who sues him after outside investors—principally venture capitalists and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel and Napster co-founder Sean Parker—took control of the start-up's finances and capital needs and backed Zuckerberg as its CEO, Saverin's role diminished and his influence evaporated. Saverin sued Zuckerberg and Facebook in April 2005, after Zuckerberg dropped Saverin's percentage ownership share of Facebook from 34% to less than 1.0%.
The second at the hands of the Winklevoss twins and Divya Narendra who filed a lawsuit against Facebook alleging that creator Mark Zuckerberg had broken an oral contract with them. The suit alleged that Zuckerberg had copied their idea and illegally used source code intended for the website HarvardConnection (later re-named ConnectU) he was hired to create.

Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg was born in New York to Karen, a psychiatrist, and Edward, a dentist. He began using computers and writing software as a child. By the time he began classes at Harvard, he had already achieved a reputation as a programming prodigy. Zuckerberg launched Facebook from his Harvard dormitory room on February 4, 2004 with his college roommates and fellow computer science students Eduardo SaverinDustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes.

Facebook is a social network service and website launched in February 2004 As of January 2011, Facebook has more than 600 million active users. 


The film won the award for Best Motion Picture – Drama at the 68th Golden Globe Awards on January 16, 2011. The film also won the awards for Best DirectorBest Screenplay and Best Original Score, making it the film with the most wins of the night. It has won 49 other awards and been nominated for 55 awards.

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