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                      A DAUGHTER’S CRY
In today’s civilized world, when the 21st century is almost over, performing such an uncivilized act of killing your own girl child because of anti female bias is a heart-breaking act that is totally unacceptable. This damns our history and defaces our heritage. The very ingredient of female infanticide makes it such a big vice. If people can practice killing their own girl child, they are barbarians. This can vary from person to person, its highly individual. But no one is entitled to take anyone’s life, nobody’s God. This truancy is itself a doom’s day device.
                  The bias against females in India is related to the fact that Sons are called upon to provide the income and they are the ones who do most of the work in the fields. In this way sons are looked to as a type of insurance. With this perspective, it becomes clearer that the high value given to males decreases the value given to females. The problem is also intimately tied to the institution of dowry in which the family of a prospective bride must pay enormous sums of money to the family in which the woman will live after marriage.
                  Like the rural people even urban people even though, educated and fairly wealthy people too often nurse a desire for a male child, and although they may not kill their daughter after she is born, they do try and find out the sex of their child, and abort female foetuses. Although disclosing the gender of a foetus is illegal, there are numerous doctors that disclose the child's sex for an enhanced fee, and then offer to arrange for the abortion. Thus although there is a good law in place, its implementation is not as effective as it should be.
                  Men and women are equal and definitely equal in this era so there should not be any kinds of discrimination on the basis of sex. Media should play a big role in spreading awareness to the mass people on this issue. Strict laws should be put forward and violaters should be punished accordingly. The laws that punish people who commit infanticide, abandonment, and neglect of female children, and the laws and regulations on the protection of women and children should be strictly enforced. The government should try to get the literacy rate high which also plays an important role regarding this issue.
                 Also our so called Indian culture which we are proud about, there is a need to understand that there is something totally wrong with a culture that assumes the superiority of males and treat females as dump. One way you can help counter this mindset is by being proud of the women in your life, and by taking pride in yourself if you are a woman.

There also have been campaigns that have been held to promote awareness on female infanticide, the famous ones being
·        ‘Silent Demonstration in Gwalior’ ,
·        ‘Save The Girl’
·                                                                               Pronoy Roy Chowdhury,advocate High Court says “It is not stoppable, it is suppressive. We have to dodge it. Even public awareness and literacy cannot be of too much help now. How much can public awareness prevent it? We are an ocean of population, half of India doesn’t have the media outreach and half doesn’t care.  We need a serious wake up alarm to stop these things, we need a dangerous interjection.
Constitution is kind of a foundation stone where all the laws are framed and constitution does not give any room for such crimes. Because of illiteracy we don’t understand our constitution, because we don’t understand our constitution we don’t have faith in it and this is the reason why these heinous crimes are still being practised without any guilt.”
·                                                                              Marathi actor Varsha Usgaonkar, who is part of another initiative taken against female infanticide, said she is more than happy to lend her name to such noble cause. "The sex ratio in India is alarming, and the root cause obviously is female foeticide. Since entertainment is common to all people, we thought that using this mode to spread the message for the girl child would be ideal. It is very sad that even educated people show a high preference for a male child," she stressed.

  • ·        This idea has been brought to my mind by this advertisement when I was discussing many public service advertisements with my friend who works for Ogilvy & Mather as a copy writer.
  • The advertisement was basically done by this organisation named Aadhar to promote awareness regarding female foeticide and it received a Gold at the Cannes Ad Festival 2008.
  • Then i found out the everything about female infanticide in India from google, also found out about the advertisement and what it included, all from google.
  •  Got the pictures from and regarding the entire topic.
  • Then I found out if there had been other campaigns like this before to promote awareness about the issue and came to know that there had been many.
  • ·                  Next was to gather some information about those campaigns so I found out the contacts of people who had been a part of few campaigns.
  • ·                 Then I talked to Advocate, High Court, Pronoy Roy Chowdhury who has handled cases on female infanticide and shared his experience with us and Actress Varsha Usgaonkar to gather some information and what they have to say about the issue of female infanticide and where has it reached till now and if the campaigns have helped to curb the rate down.
  • Then after gathering all the required information I came to a conclusion to be able to write a small feature about female infanticide in India.

This ad promoting awareness of female foeticide in India is downright disturbing. Using stark black-on-white newspaper print, the ad boasts "How to carry on the family name," and then describes, in excruciating and graphic detail, how to perform an abortion. In India, every year 1.1 million unborn baby girls die before they are born. The print ad was awarded gold at the Cannes Ad Festival 2008.



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  1. Well said.........!! I want to add that abortion in India is legal only up to twenty weeks of pregnancy under specific terms and conditions.